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What is Happy to Heal?

Happy to Heal is a 12-week program for people who are struggling to heal one or all of the following: thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, or leaky gut.

Molly Hamill Like many, I had no idea what was going on in my body….

My doctor told me everything was fine. If that was true, why was I wired at night and tired all day long? How come I couldn’t remember anything? How come I went from being vibrant, energetic and creative to having no motivation or energy? How come I felt so sad, like an invader had taken over my mind, body and spirit? Why was it taking so long to figure out what was going on? After finally finding the right health care practitioners and diagnoses (Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut), the temporary relief of finally having answers was quickly replaced with a sense of overwhelm. After a year of wondering what’s wrong, it would take another year and major lifestyle changes to heal?

I listened to the experts and committed to making the necessary changes, which included: a restricted diet, stress reduction, plenty of rest and the necessary supplements. I remember my doctor saying, “If you eat perfectly healthy, you will have perfect health. Of course, it’s not possible to eat perfect.” That one sentence summarized exactly what was missing in the books I read, the advice I received and the research I did.

There is no shortage of resources available advising WHAT to do. The question was HOW. How do I resist some of my favorite foods? How do I reduce my stress when this is inherently one of the most stressful experiences of my life? How do I afford all of these supplements and naturopath visits that insurance doesn’t cover? How do I change the thought patterns and lifestyle factors that contributed to my current health conditions? How am I supposed to be my own advocate when my brain is so foggy that I can’t even remember my dog’s name?

After a few weeks of sulking, one day I went from feeling like a helpless victim of my health problems to an empowered healer. As a life coach, meditation teacher, and energy psychology practitioner, I started using every tool I knew to heal my life by healing my health. My health began rapidly improving, and I eventually began sharing these health-changing tools with others. My “curse” became a gift. Not only was I able to dramatically shift my health, but I began empowering others to do the same. After working one-on-one with many private clients struggling with similar health issues, and seeing their success, I created Happy to Heal so that I could provide an affordable way to help others create the breakthroughs and shifts that my private clients and I have experienced.

What is covered in Happy to Heal…

Module 1: Empower
Happy to Heal ExhaustionScience has proven that we have the ability to affect our health through our thoughts. Learn how to release subconscious thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping you unhealthy and stuck, plus learn how to create and integrate thought patterns that empower your healing.

Module 2: Release
Clear the many layers of frustration related to your health issues. Which doctor is right? How am I going to pay for this? Will it work? Why is it taking so long to heal? Why do I feel so exhausted? Why did it so long to get answers? How come this is happening to me? Why doesn’t anyone understand what I’m going through?

Module 3: Own Your Worth
How you are sabotaging your healing? Is it through eating foods that trigger physical issues? Is it by stressing yourself out or by being self-critical? Is it by not adhering to your treatment plan? Is it by not feeling worthy enough to spend time and energy on self? Identify the patterns, create an accountability plan and own your deservedness to heal through your choices and actions.

Module 4: Take Responsibility
Identify and release lifestyle factors and behaviors that have contributed to your health issues. We often have created patterns in our lives that perpetuate poor health conditions, such as constantly being hard on self or taking on an unmanageable amount of responsibility. Over time these things create issues in our bodies.

Module 5: Forgive
It often appears easier to avoid our emotions than to feel them. Learn how to use your emotions as guides to help you heal, even the pent up ones you’ve been avoiding. Use that process to forgive self, body, others, genes and circumstances that contributed to your illness.

Module 6: Accept
Happy to heal workoutBefriend the stranger within and accept her exactly where she is. The one who doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed, workout, be a good partner, see friends, get work done, or put her laundry away. The one who feels like someone has invaded her body and stolen her personality and brain. Adapt to her temporary normal, including the many lifestyle changes (social life, food and alcohol restrictions, working out, exhaustion, and more).

Module 7: Communicate
Learn how to effectively communicate your health issues and corresponding needs to those closest to you. One of the most frustrating aspects of this journey for many people can be the lack of understanding from loved ones who mean well but don’t understand the illness or the treatments.

Module 8: Body Love
Develop a new relationship with your body, which is less critical, more loving and enables deep levels of healing. Your body wants to heal and is your guide to healing, if you can learn how to listen to it and respect its guidance. Understand what different cues mean (bloating, brain fog and more) from your body and kindly respond to them in a way that supports your health.

Module 9: Breakthrough
Happy to Heal CelebrateEmbrace a mindset to support forever lifestyle changes and remission/relapses. You’re human. You will have relapses, you will experience stress, and you will have moments of being tempted to revert to some of the old patterns that contributed to your health condition. Learn how to navigate those moments in a way that leads to success not sabotage.

Week 10: Gratitude
Find the gifts of your health issue. This journey can be a catalyst to heal your life as well as your health. Often the patterns you change while healing your body end up creating much greater peace of mind and happiness in your life. What sabotaging patterns and thoughts will you be grateful to release?

What is included in this program?

There are two options to participate in this program: (1) Do It Yourself or (2) Do It With Support. Please review both options below!

Program Options

This program is for you if…

What can you expect by the end of the program?

The goal of the program is to help you change how you relate to your health condition while simultaneously embracing proven techniques that will help you heal your body from the inside out.

While we can never know exact outcomes because each person’s body is different, I can guarantee that if you follow the curriculum, practice the strategies provided and engage with me throughout the 10 weeks, you will experience significant improvements in your stress levels, mood and energy.

At the end of the 10 weeks, you will know exactly how to listen to the signals your body is giving you and how to respond in a way that minimizes your stress and empowers choices that support your health.

Through using the exact same tools I provide in Happy to Heal, many of my private coaching clients within weeks have reported feeling significant shifts in their health and their happiness, that they believe otherwise would have taken them years to figure out.

Ready to heal? Enroll today!

1 – Do It With Support


This option will be available again in September! 2 – Do It Yourself

The first payment option is a full payment and the second is a monthly payment. Select which option you’d prefer:

One Full Price Payment of $195

Two Payments of $125 each billed once a month for two months

Frequently Asked Questions

Which program is right for me – DIY or DIWS?
Participants have reported feeling huge benefits from the support of the group and the additional support directly from me via the Facebook group and the calls. Many people going through this journey do not have a high level of understanding and support from others, which they receive in the DIWS program. Also, many people need the extra accountability provided in DIWS in order to follow through on their health commitments, such as eating for healing. If your budget can afford the “Do It With Support” option, I’d recommend that one. If resources are tight, the “Do It Yourself” is a great option!

What are the logistics? 
Every Sunday, starting February 5th, you will receive an email with a link to access each week’s content (except for the two “catch up” weeks). To access the content, you’ll have a personalized login through a online portal. All meditations and videos are downloadable.

When will the 6 live calls be held?
Every other Monday at 5:30 PDT/8:30 EDT (2/13, 2/27, 3/13, 3/27, 4/3, 4/17).

Will I be getting medical advice in this program?
We are all about the mind, body, emotional connection in Happy to Heal! We’ll leave the medical stuff to the trained professionals! In other words, there will be no medical, nutritional or supplemental recommendations given during this program. Those are between you and your team of healthcare professionals. But, this program will compliment any work you’re doing with your docs and health coaches as it is closely connected!

Do I have to take any supplements?
While you’ll learn to tune into your body during Happy to Heal to see what’s working best for you, we will not be covering supplements directly. Again, that is something you need to decide under the guidance of your health care team. 🙂

What if I need more accountability?
I am here to help! Some people do great with group programs and others might want a little more TLC. One-on-one sessions are available for an additional fee should you desire more support during your participation in Happy to Heal!

Can I do this program even if I have not been clinically diagnosed?
Absolutely! Often you know deep down something is wrong – like I did – but the diagnosis process is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of this journey. This program will help support you during the diagnosis phase which can be long, expensive and overwhelming.

Do I have to have all three conditions to participate (Adrenal, Leaky Gut, Hashimoto’s)?
Definitely not! Even if you have one of these conditions, you will significantly benefit from Happy to Heal.

If I have an autoimmune condition, but it’s not Hashimoto’s, can I participate?
Yes! Since we don’t talk specifics in a medical sense, you will experience the same benefit no matter what the specific autoimmune condition is. Ultimately, the behavioral and lifestyle patterns of people with autoimmune conditions are the same, even if they are not the exact same disease.

I am on a strict regimen by my doctor, should I do this at the same time?
This program is highly complimentary to the work you’re doing with their doctor. Since we get limited amounts of time with our doctors, we often aren’t able to cover with them the content included in this program. Feel free to check with your doctor to see if he/she believes Happy to Heal will assist you in your healing journey! Honestly, I have had some of my own private health care professionals refer clients to me as they don’t have time to provide this kind of service for their patients. They recognize they can tell patients what to do but patients adhering to it outside of the appointment is the tricky part!

I am already exhausted and the idea of doing more on top of what I am already doing stresses me out. How much time and energy will this require?
I completely hear you. When you’re in adrenal fatigue, suffering from leaky gut, or experiencing an autoimmune condition, taking on more can feel stressful. While there is a time requirement to participate, the support and tools you will receive will actually decrease your overwhelm and stress. Plus, you won’t feel isolated in your journey. While some weeks are more time consuming than others, a minimum average commitment is 2 to 3 hours per week plus daily wellbeing practices (10 – 30 min…your choice). You have lifetime access to the program. If you need to participate at a slower pace, you’re more than welcome to!

What Others Have to Say About Working with Molly…

What I’ve learned from Molly in the past year has transformed my healing journey in more ways that I can even begin to explain. I had been working on all of the physical aspects of adrenal fatigue and gut dysfunction for 3 years and was making good progress, but the the biggest turning point was when I started working on my mindset and re-building the relationship with my body. I now have so much appreciation and gratitude for this journey that I have been on and am so much more mentally equipped to keep forging forward and healing. Happy To Heal contains all of the valuable tools that and teachings in just 10 weeks that took me over 3 years to find. It’s a program I will be recommending to all of my clients to support them in their journey, to compliment the work we are doing together and to help them truly heal their body and the relationship with it. ~ Jenn, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Transformational Health Coach, (W)holistic Health Boss

After my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, I knew that I needed a major life overhaul. My relationship with my spirit, my body, my mind, food, work, people. I had ignored myself, the whispers in my heart and aches in my body to the point that my body was shutting down. Fast-forward almost a year and while a ton has changed, one constant has been the guidance that I have received while working with Molly. In addition to no MS relapses, the shifts internally have been life saving. I have the tools to put my ego in its place. I understand my fears but don’t allow them to hold me back, I love myself and prove it by honoring my needs and boundaries, and above everything else, I have learned to accept all that is me. These internal shifts have created ripples in all my relationships. My marriage is stronger and my career has completely been overhauled. ~ Lisa

I’ve had so many life-changing breakthroughs in my work with Molly. One of the biggest insights was understanding the sneaky ways that my thinking and behaviors were contributing to both my Hashimoto’s and my overwhelm. Prior to our work, I had no idea that there was an emotional root cause to my Hashimoto’s, and that I was re-creating it in all areas of my life. I now have the awareness and the tools to I need to stay happy and healthy, and to face life’s challenges with less pain and suffering. I can’t recommend Molly enough. ~Jen