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Hi, I’m Molly! I help women release the beliefs, behaviors and fears that are blocking them from experiencing greater health and happiness.

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Using a blend of mindset coaching and kick ass tools, I guide women through a process of building better relationships with their bodies and greater joy in their lives.

Because here’s the deal…if you’re like most of the women I work with, you’re suffering from a case of the “Overs.” OVERwhelmed. OVERscheduled. OVERtired. OVERstressed. And for some of you, you’re OVER dealing with body issues and illness.

I know how hard that way of life is, and I am also living proof that there is an easier, more rewarding, amazing way to live. A way in which you love your body despite your level of energy or how you look at that very moment. A way in which you feel joy in your heart despite how busy your schedule might be that day.

One of the biggest reasons I love what I do…

I have walked in your stilettos. I was miss over-everything. I was a stressed-out, exhausted, anxious, perfectionist workaholic. Translation: I was incredibly self-critical and hard on myself and my body.

For a long time I tried to quiet my anxiety and racing mind with external solutions and quick fixes, like partying, shopping, eating, and more. Guess what? None of those did the trick.

My biggest drug of choice became my career. Being good at it helped me feel good inside. Except when your self-worth depends on the next accomplishment or award, it’s a never-ending exhaustive cycle of highs and lows. And, as you might guess, it isn’t sustainable.

Eventually years of pushing too hard caught up with me. And I crashed. Hashimoto hypothyroidism. Adrenal exhaustion. Leaky gut. I had no energy to work, which meant I had no value (in my eyes).

It was the scariest journey and my biggest teacher.

What I learned in my journey…

  1. Grounding with Miles at the dog parkI am worthy because I exist. Period. End of story. So are you. 🙂
  1. Thoughts are free but they create our reality. Choose ones that are aligned with what you want to receive and you will live a happy life.
  1. What works for my body might not work for yours. Own it. Don’t judge it.
  1. Feel it to heal it. There’s no such thing as a bad emotion. It’s about how we respond to them that creates a good or a bad outcome.
  1. I can be spiritual AND wear red lipstick, eat animal protein, and watch the Real Housewives (preferably Beverly Hills or New York but will watch any if I need my fix).
  1. Intuition is my wisest voice. Clear the clutter and connect with your inner badass guru. She will guide you to greater health and happiness faster than any book, diet or expert.
  1. My energy is the key to my success. When my energy flows, everything flows. We honor our energy through our lifestyle choices.
  1. Your body wants to be healthy. It wants to heal. When you learn to treat your body like a beloved friend, your body will give you everything.
  1. Symptoms are just messages from our bodies. When we learn to listen to them, we begin to heal.
  1. I love all kinds of yoga but I believe Kundalini yoga and meditations have the power to change your life in just a few minutes.
  1. The Universe is always supporting us. Our biggest struggle is allowing it.

The sky isn’t the limit. I am my own limit.

That goes for you too. We are our own limit. And I can’t wait to help you release all of those limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from feeling healthy and happy.

Kundalini MollyMy private coaching programs (life or body love), online courses (Wild Light Warrior and Happy to Heal), Monthly Membership Program (Wild Light Tribe), free Facebook community (Shine Your Wild Light), social media (Facebook biz page and Instagram), and weekly blogs and vlogs are aaallll about helping you rediscover that amazing woman within who is ready to reclaim her radiance and health.

I’ll bring the tools and the support to help you break up with your “overs” and reclaim your health and happiness. You bring your heart and an open mind.

Because what I know for sure is that everything is possible for you. And you are worthy of all of it. 

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Finally, some of the formal stuff and my credentials…

I am a certified life coach, yoga and meditation instructor (200-hour Kundalini and 200-hour Hatha) as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. Additionally, I am certified in tapping (EFT), EQi 2.0 (emotional intelligence) and Situational Leadership II®. I’m a Predictive Index Analyst® and hold an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I also have completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass® Level 1 & 2 (totally life changing experiences, by the way!).

Prior to launching my own biz, I was an award winning human resources executive. My corporate focus included executive and leadership coaching, training and development and organizational development, specializing in the areas of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, relationship building and organizational dynamics.

I blend my traditional and woowoo credentials and experiences to create a unique healing and transformational process for my amazing clients.

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