Anti-Breast Cancer & Lymph Cleanse Exercise

Happy Happy National Women’s Health Week! In honor of this week, I wanted to share an exercise I’ve been doing recently to send some love to your heart chakra, breasts, lymphatic system and heart!

As several clients this year have found lumps on their breasts, I carefully paid attention during my 300-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training when our teacher shared an exercise he called “Anti-Breast Cancer & Lymph Cleanse.”

Little did I know that a week later my doctor would find a lump on my breast…

While thankfully, like my clients, it turned out to be nothing, it was an unnerving process. First, I had no idea it was there, which honestly felt a little overwhelming given how connected I feel with my body in general. Even when my doc was showing me exactly where the lump was, all I could feel was rib. (Small Bs flatten easy when lying down! LOL) While I couldn’t feel the lump, I did feel the tissue texture was different there than other areas. Lesson: make sure you’re getting your girls check regularly by your doctor! 

I was mostly confident I’d be fine, with a small side of scared shitless. Some “what ifs” are natural when you’re waiting for the follow up tests. During that time I busted out this exercise, and while I’m not suggesting it cures or prevents cancer, I do know it positively affects the heart chakra, breasts, heart, arms, lymphatic system and more, based on the movement.

In a situation where you feel helpless – waiting on your next appointment – doing this exercise gave me relief. I felt empowered that I had something I could do to give my body some love when it was absorbing all of the stress I was feeling.

As the top two diseases that women experience are connected to the heart chakra – breast cancer and heart disease – I wanted to share this exercise with you so you have a tool to proactively use as part of your healthcare routine. 🙂 And, God forbid you ever have a scare, you have a tool to help you feel a little less helpless.

It’s simple:

  1. Interlace your hands and place them on the back of your head (lower part – your thumbs are aligned with the lower part of your hairline)
  2. Inhale as you twist to the left
  3. Exhale as you twist to the right
  4. Continue for a few minutes

If you want to see what it looks like you can watch this one-minute video (click image below), or you can join me tonight at about 5:45 PM PT on my Facebook page where I’ll share a few spine warm-ups I like doing before this exercise, and I’ll guide you through this exercise too.

If this isn’t of interest to you, make sure you do something else for your body this week to thank it for all of the amazing things it does for you every second of every day! Wishing you much health and happiness!


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About Molly

Molly Hamill, MAMolly Hamill, MA, is a certified life coach, Kundalini yogini and mediation enthusiast. She works with people around the country helping them lose their stress and feel their best. After recovering from her own health journey (Hashimoto's Hypothyroiditis, Adrenal Fatigue, and Leaky Gut), she is especially passionate about helping others establish mindsets and habits that support their health and happiness. For more information about Molly, get her weekly emails (sign up in green bar below), follow her on her Instagram and Facebook page, or chat with her in her private Facebook group, where she posts daily to help keep you connected with truth, dreams and desires. Prior to breaking free of the 9-5 life, she was an award-winning human resources executive for a national healthcare company.