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Hi, I’m Molly! I help women eat, think and feel their way to healthy, happy bodies.

molly cut out for body coaching page I work with women who are experiencing stress-related health issues to help them create better health and greater happiness by changing their thoughts, beliefs and habits and intuitively connect with their bodies.

I’ve been there before I know what it’s like. I was exhausted all the time. I had no energy or motivation. I couldn’t remember anything. No one seemed to know what was wrong with me, including my PCP who told me I was a specimen of health. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. My mind raced with worst case possibilities. I felt scared and alone.

I finally found a freaking amazing doctor, and I got some labels: Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and leaky gut. Things started to improve. But it was slow, and I wasn’t fully recovering. I kept wondering when he’d figure it out. That’s when he told me, I can’t do this alone. You need to help your body heal too. Yep…turns out I have way freaking more power to heal than I was giving myself credit for (and so do you).

It was a massive AH-HA moment. The old model of getting a diagnosis and popping a pill wasn’t going to work this time around. My body needed me. So I learned how to listen to it. I realized my fear-based thoughts were actually delaying my healing. I also realized I had the power to change that. I could use my thoughts to help my body heal. I could use food as medicine instead of as a drug. I could process my frustration in a way that encouraged healing. I shifted from feeling scared and helpless to empowered and hopeful.

I started building trust with my body. I stopped relying on external resources to tell me what to do and started listening to my own body. I eliminated certain foods from my diet and my joint pain disappeared. I replaced some of those critical thoughts with kinder ones. I began to appreciate my body for everything it was doing for me. And so much more…

Healing my body was a giant lesson in owning my worth. Because once I learned what my body needed, I had to learn HOW to eat, think and behave in a way that cultivated healing. Part of that meant breaking up with grain, gluten, dairy and sugar. Is that even possible, I wondered? It is 100% possible. And furthermore…

This journey can be a catalyst to heal your life as well as your health. Often the patterns you change while healing your body end up creating much greater peace of mind and happiness in your life.

During the process of coaching you will:

Learn to use your thoughts to create greater health
When something is wrong in our bodies, our first reaction is often fear and mind racing. But when every cell in our body is listening, part of healing includes cultivating thoughts and beliefs that activate healing within the body.

Learn how to decode messages from your body 
Symptoms are just messages from our bodies that something is off and needs attention. We don’t need to fear them or deny them. Instead, you’ll learn how to understand what your body is communicating to you through the symptoms you’re experiencing. From that space you have a better understanding of what lifestyle factors need some shifts.

Discover and forgive behavioral root causes of your illness
This is what I call taking responsibility for our condition. I’m not talking about blaming anyone or thing for your health. But rather taking a look to see how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors contributed to your illness. For example, I have an autoimmune condition, which is the body attacking itself. At a certain point I got clear that my body learned to attack itself by watching me! I was “attacking” myself through my overwhelming lifestyle and non-stop self-criticism.

Establish new habits (nom nom nom) to get healthy
Cutting out foods that aren’t healthy for your body…one of the HARDEST things that people experience during the healing journey. And that’s just one of the many doctor-recommended lifestyle upgrades. I share proven techniques to help you own your worth in a whole new way. Because unleveling your habits is a major lesson in owning your worth!

Become besties with your body
Most of us are in a one-way relationship with our bodies. We take. It gives. We abuse it but expect it to perform and look perfectly. For many people stuck in a rut with their healing, this is the key to transforming their health. Once our body begins to trust us, it begins to heal. But it needs some “proof” that we are committed to building a better relationship with it, and we won’t go back to our old habits that contributed to our illness.

A little about my coaching style…

I am not a traditional health coach. I will not give you a diet, meal plan or workout plan. Your body knows much more about what foods and exercises work for it. I’m going to show you how to intuitively connect with it, listen to it and make decisions that give your body some massive love.

I am a SUPER PASSIONATE about only using tools that you can use outside of our sessions. It’s the ultimate form of empowerment! Some of those tools include mind set techniques, meditations, tapping (EFT), and journaling. You’ll have them for life!

I believe all of the answers are within you. It is my job to help you uncover them.

Some of my specialities include…

Women who are experiencing:

Ready to get started?

Then let’s talk! If you’re down with everything you’ve read, let’s see if my coaching services are the best fit for your needs! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me by contacting me directly or by using the calendar below!

A word of warning, this *might* not be for you if…

You want me to do all the work. I am not a “babysitter” coach. I work with people who are ready to make change and are willing to put in the effort. I’ll provide the “how” plus accountability, and you provide the time and effort.

You don’t want to dedicate time and energy to this process. I provide crazy amazing life-changing tools, massive levels of love and support, and a judgment-free, safe space to create breakthroughs. But you gotta do the work.

You don’t want to be kindly challenged. I will kindly call you out on your shit when appropriate. It’s my job. 🙂

Relative to above, I’m from the East coast, and I like to occasionally use colorful language. If that offends you, I wish you the best, but I’m not the gal to help you. 😉

Side effects of doing this kind of work include: loving your body, experiencing greater health, feeling better about yourself, and experiencing new levels of happiness. If you’re not down for some of that, this might not be the right program for you. (But since you’ve read this far, I already know that’s not true!). 🙂