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Celebrating 6 Months off Sugar

This month I’m celebrating six months off of sugar, and after getting a lot of questions about it, I’m ready to share my journey with you! I’ve split this into two blogs (one today and one you’ll get next Tuesday). Should you want to learn even more than what I cover in the two blogs, you’ll see a workshop invite below.

Before I share more, let me say that quitting sugar isn’t for everyone, and although I do believe cutting back on sugar would benefit everyone, I am definitely not a sugar shamer. It’s a personal decision between you and your body that requires a massive level of commitment (especially at first).

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We’re halfway around the sun!

We’re officially past the halfway mark of 2017, which makes this the perfect time of year to check in and see how the year is shaping up for you. To celebrate your wins, observe any blocks, and hit the release or reframe button if need be.

According to numerology, this year equals the number one (2+0+1+7 = 10 and 10 = 1), which means a brand spanking new start energetically. While that can be an amazing feeling, it can also result in some nudges from the Universe to heal and release that which isn’t serving us. Even if it feels like a struggle, it’s actually an invitation to up-level and eventually feel better and achieve greater results.

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Not feeling good enough? Try this…

Today I want to give you a taste of my secret sauce for overcoming moments of feeling like you’re not good enough. Obviously feeling unworthy is something that affects all of us, some more than others, but did ya know that it actually affects highly successful people as much if not more than the average Jane? Yup, it’s true.

Because for some of us (ahem, moi), we developed a pattern of striving for outward success to compensate for what we felt was lacking internally. Which on one hand is pretty cool – go us – we didn’t just sit on our butts and do nothing. On the other hand, it’s not so bueno because it leads to a constant cycle of joy sucking and exhaustion. If a key pillar of our worth is based on success, then we are fulfilled only when we’re winning, achieving, succeeding. Make sense?

So, here’s a few ways I’ve learned to deal with the “unworthies” (as I call them) when they come knocking…

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#1 Food That Causes Inflammation

If I asked you what is the number one food that causes inflammation, what would you say? Would you answer based on what a health expert or a spiritual teacher said? Or would you answer based on your unique body? Most people would answer based on the latest study, not their own body.

So what if I told you green juice (even the healthiest, no-sugar version) creates an inflammatory response in your body? Would you believe me? I’ll give you the answer, but a little story first…

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Release anxiety within moments

As I’ve shared in a previous blog, Anxiety, Sleeping Pills and a Free Meditation, I am no stranger to anxiety. I received a formal diagnosis in my late 20s, and a couple of years ago I experienced it again through thyroid disease (anxiety is a symptom of thyroid disease). These days the only kind of anxiety I typically experience is occasional, mild anxiety while navigating through life’s ups and downs. However, recently I felt that all-encompassing, completely gripping anxiety start to creep in. How I responded to it enabled me to completely shift out of it within minutes.

Before I share how I did that, I want to share some behavioral tendencies I’ve noticed that lead to the anxiety. Because often times when I’m aware I’m engaging in one of these, I can choose differently and prevent the anxiety all together. (Side note: I’m going to be talking more about these in upcoming blogs.)

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THE question that affects your waistline

Over the last two weeks I was tempted to eat a massive amount of food via mindless grazing and snacking. I was focused on launching my online program, which is kind of like finals week in college, when you temporarily live and breathe your work while in your pajamas. But, not only did I not eat the massive amount of food, I actually lost weight.

I noticed I kept thinking about food. When I felt blocked with the material I was working on, I thought about food. When I felt stressed about a technical challenge, I thought about food. When I felt relieved from an insight, I thought about food. Food was the automatic response.

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Seven Ways You’re Wasting Energy and Creating Exhaustion

When I started exploring the root cause my fatigue, I explored the relationship between our body and our energy centers, or chakras, specifically the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus is associated with personal power, ego, self-worth, confidence, accomplishment, transformation, and our ability to visualize success. Physically it’s connected to the liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, small intestine, adrenals, mid-spine area, and pancreas.

When this area has a physical imbalance, we may experience chronic fatigue, eating disorders and more. Emotionally we may experience powerlessness, greed, doubt, anger, indecision, lack of motivation or willpower, need to control, dishonoring self, low-self esteem and fear.

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Progress over perfection

Over the last few months I’ve had a couple of opportunities to let my inner perfectionist flare up…over something random. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? Basically you put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes.

I read about the benefits of doing it and jumped right in a while ago. The first time felt weird. But by the second or third time I was hooked. Six months later at my usual dental check-up, my regular hygienist asked what I was doing different because my gums were even healthier. That feedback solidified my commitment to it. Plus, it’s a natural teeth whitener!

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Are you guilty of this too?

I am an animal protein-eating yogi who believes in eating for your body’s needs over your spiritual beliefs. For me those two things are different. For some they are the same. Well, my meat-eating ways created a bit of a scandal recently.

It was my turn to bring food for a monthly yoga luncheon. I prepared a vegetarian meal, per the program guidelines. Normally during our gatherings I eat by myself so I don’t offend anyone with my animal protein. On this particular day I decided that since it was my turn to make the food, I’d stay with the group and honor my needs.

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Winter Solstice: A Time for Rest and Reflection

This week we celebrate Winter Solstice, starting late in the evening on December 21st through December 22nd. It is the time of year for reflection and rest. It represents growth, renewal and rebirth, and it is shortest day (light) and longest night (darkness) of the year. Spiritually it provides a time for us to reflect on our own darkness and light. The darkest day of the year represents our own darkness. It’s the shadow inside of us, made up of past mistakes, behavioral and mental patterns, old habits and ways of being, painful experiences, our biggest fears and much more.

However, the promise of re-birth is within sight as the New Year is less than two weeks away. A fresh start, a new beginning, a new chapter to add to our book of life. It holds promise and wonder. We typically walk into the New Year ready to shed what no longer serves us and take on what will lead us to greater happiness and success.

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