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Feel calm, grounded & happy in minutes

Summer is known as the “fun” season but can also be a little stressful with all of the non-stop activities and busyness. 

I want to share something super simple that you can do to balance the yang summertime energy. (Also can use to balance the yin energy in winter.) It balances the left/right hemispheres of the brain, reduces anxiety and stress, and revitalizes the body and mind when tired. 

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A proven trick for the busiest minds

I hear it multiple times a week. My mind is too busy to meditate! It’s so hard for me to relate because my mind is always perfectly calm. HA!!!!

Actually, the first time I went to an energy healer, she kept stopping my treatment to tell the noisy people in the common area to please be quiet! Except there was no one in the common area. Finally, she realized she was picking up on the massive noise in my head! LOL!

So, yeah, my mind is as wildly busy as yours. The difference is that I’ve learned to quiet it, because I’m in control, and my crazy, erratic thoughts aren’t.

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Speed Up Your Success

You’re HERE, but you want to be THERE. There being some goal, vision or dream that you have for yourself.

Today I want to share with you a technique I use with my private coaching clients to help you get THERE faster and with less resistance. Often we create resistance and delays by overanalyzing how we’ll get there. So let’s drop those, and try this instead!

Using this technique, you become a match with the vibration of desire, which enables faster receiving while creating JOY in the process! You remember your inner radiance and your ability to powerfully co-create exactly what you want.

Have fun doing this quick tapping video, and let me know how it goes for you!

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We’re halfway around the sun!

We’re officially past the halfway mark of 2017, which makes this the perfect time of year to check in and see how the year is shaping up for you. To celebrate your wins, observe any blocks, and hit the release or reframe button if need be.

According to numerology, this year equals the number one (2+0+1+7 = 10 and 10 = 1), which means a brand spanking new start energetically. While that can be an amazing feeling, it can also result in some nudges from the Universe to heal and release that which isn’t serving us. Even if it feels like a struggle, it’s actually an invitation to up-level and eventually feel better and achieve greater results.

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Happiness is an Accomplishment

And so is finishing your meditation…

At a workshop over the weekend I heard that Yogi Bhajan quote: happiness is an accomplishment. And I found myself thinking, so is meditation! Because if you meditate, I know you’ve been there. And by there I mean being completely in the flow and feeling great in some meditations. In others, seconds feel like minutes, and you want to scream EFFFFFFF at the top of your lungs. (Or is that just me?) So how do you stay engaged in your mediation?

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#1 Food That Causes Inflammation

If I asked you what is the number one food that causes inflammation, what would you say? Would you answer based on what a health expert or a spiritual teacher said? Or would you answer based on your unique body? Most people would answer based on the latest study, not their own body.

So what if I told you green juice (even the healthiest, no-sugar version) creates an inflammatory response in your body? Would you believe me? I’ll give you the answer, but a little story first…

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Sunglasses, Hormones and Sleep

Even though it’s always sunny in San Diego, and wearing sunglasses is as common wearing clothes (plus they’re a great fashion accessory), I’ve recently been consciously leaving them in their case. Why? Because light (both natural and artificial) affects our hormones, energy levels, sleep and overall health.

Things as simple as alarm clocks, windows, sunglasses and iPhones affect the functioning of our bodies! Whaaaat?!!! It’s true! AND, honoring the body’s natural rhythms helps our bodies perform its various functions and stay healthy and happy. I’m going to share a few ways you can do that, but first a few helpful concepts…

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Better meetings. Greater productivity. More fun.

You may have read my blog from last week, Drop the struggle, Get more flow and energy, and thought, well, it’s great that there are certain times of the month that are ideal for managing my finances or getting in intense workouts, but what if I want to do those things more regularly than one week out of the month? What’s the best time to do them each week?

I have some more information to help you with that! In my yoga training, we learned that each day is connected with a specific planet, each of which provides specific energy. For example… The moon rules Mondays (emotions). Tuesday is connected to Mars (drive and energy). Wednesday is connected to Mercury (mind and communication). Thursday is connected to Jupiter (luck, growth, wisdom). Friday is connected to Venus (love and attraction). Saturn rules Saturday (fears, challenges, discipline). And finally, Sunday is related to the Sun (personality).

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Drop the struggle. Get more flow and energy…

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you some things that have completely shifted how I live and run my business, which has resulted in less stress and struggle and greater flow and ease. I AM SO EXCITED to share this stuff…because who doesn’t need a few tricks to make life easier?!

It all started once my energy and strength started returning after my thyroid ordeal. I had a whole new respect for my energy and became interested in understanding how to maximize it. I became conscientious about how I was using it. I wanted to know how I could put less pressure and stress on my mind and body while growing my business and living a great life. In other words, how could I create what I want in life without burning out again?

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