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Drop the struggle. Get more flow and energy…

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you some things that have completely shifted how I live and run my business, which has resulted in less stress and struggle and greater flow and ease. I AM SO EXCITED to share this stuff…because who doesn’t need a few tricks to make life easier?!

It all started once my energy and strength started returning after my thyroid ordeal. I had a whole new respect for my energy and became interested in understanding how to maximize it. I became conscientious about how I was using it. I wanted to know how I could put less pressure and stress on my mind and body while growing my business and living a great life. In other words, how could I create what I want in life without burning out again?

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Seven Ways You’re Wasting Energy and Creating Exhaustion

When I started exploring the root cause my fatigue, I explored the relationship between our body and our energy centers, or chakras, specifically the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus is associated with personal power, ego, self-worth, confidence, accomplishment, transformation, and our ability to visualize success. Physically it’s connected to the liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, small intestine, adrenals, mid-spine area, and pancreas.

When this area has a physical imbalance, we may experience chronic fatigue, eating disorders and more. Emotionally we may experience powerlessness, greed, doubt, anger, indecision, lack of motivation or willpower, need to control, dishonoring self, low-self esteem and fear.

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My Daily Wellbeing and Spiritual Practices

People often ask me what my daily wellness and/or spiritual practices are…today I’m sharing them with you in case any of them are helpful to you and your health and wellbeing! I want to make sure you understand though that what works for me might not work for you. Play with any that interest you and then check in with your body to see how it is responding…your body is the #1 expert, not a blog!

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Forget worry…send a light flurry

A very close friend of mine recently received some upsetting news and naturally felt quite stressed as a result. A short while after speaking with her, I realized how crappy I was feeling inside. I was worrying about my friend. Plus, I began personalizing her situation. Allowing it to bring up old feelings of similar memories in my past. And in doing all of this, I felt really down. Anxious, fearful, and rocking a major lack mindset.

I was allowing my thoughts to imagine the worst, which created these yucky feelings. When I gained awareness of this, I realized it isn’t helping me and it isn’t helping my friend. Ultimately being worried for someone does not change the situation. There are other (and better) ways to show concern and care for someone. So I changed my thinking.

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Your Best Communication Tool

Do you know what your biggest communication tool actually is?

Many of us know that in addition to our verbal communication, language and tone, we speak volumes through our non-verbal communication, such as our body language and facial expressions. However, none of those things are actually your biggest communication tool. Check out this week’s vlog, where my “assistant” and I share with you your best communication tool.

If you have any questions, or want to share anything related to this post, feel free to comment on my Facebook page. 🙂

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Anxiety, Sleeping Pills and a Free Meditation

I needed a refill on my sleeping pills. I’d never been a good sleeper and in my mid-twenties found relief through sleeping pills. When I was 29 my PCP was on maternity leave, so I went to see the woman covering for her. Instead of granting my request, she turned to me and said, “Clearly you have anxiety” and suggested anxiety medication. I thought she was bat sh*t crazy but played along with it, fully intending to see my regular doctor as soon as she was back. I just wanted the sleeping pills.

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A Story of a Random Act of Kindness, Gratitude and Blessings

As I left yoga class, I noticed an elderly lady in her eighties with two bags and a cane exerting a great deal of effort to get from the side of the street up to the curb of the sidewalk. Heading to my car, I kept my eye on her as she stood on the sidewalk, looking around, appearing confused. She didn’t respond to my first offer of help as I walked towards her. When I asked again, I had trouble understanding her response. There was a language barrier among other things.

I gathered that she did not have a ride home after her doctor’s appointment, didn’t have anyone to call, and didn’t feel comfortable taking the bus. At least that’s what I think she said. When I again asked her how I could help her, she asked for a ride home. I helped her into my car, at which point she gave me her address. There was no one to call to let them know she was heading home, she responded when I asked. I feared there was a daughter or another family member somewhere nearby getting concerned about where she was.

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Are you feeling your anxiety or someone else’s ?  

For years I couldn’t explain it. I was labeled extrovert by every behavioral assessment I’d taken (which was a lot between grad school and my HR career). Yes, most of the time I loved being around people. Yet there was another part of me that felt introverted.

My favorite place to be was at home, alone, with my pets. Going out in crowds often felt overwhelming. I felt anxious at group meditations but didn’t feel that way meditating on my own. Walking my dog on a quiet evening at Balboa Park was relaxing and healing, but felt the exact opposite on crowded Saturday afternoons.

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Working through FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

As I move closer towards a big transition in my life, I’m getting really clear on how scared sh*tless I feel. I’m experiencing what I’ve seen so many others experience. We want for so long. We begin to receive. We immediately question our worthiness and abilities. We might even unknowingly sabotage.

Of course it’s all in my head. All of it. False Evidence Appearing Real. What if I fail? I’m not smart enough? Good enough? Strong enough? (Feel free insert your own negative thought).

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Energize Your Vision Board

You’ve probably heard of vision boards…a common New Year tradition. Using pictures and poster boards, you paste together a vision of what you want in the New Year. Personally I found them to be tedious (too many hours spent looking through magazines to find the perfect images) and questioned their effectiveness.

Last year I revamped how I created mine and the result was profound. It consisted of words (feelings, intentions, goals), but no pictures, laid out in a nine-box Feng Shui bagua map. The bagua map is used to release blocked or imbalanced energies in our space (work or home).

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