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We’re halfway around the sun!

We’re officially past the halfway mark of 2017, which makes this the perfect time of year to check in and see how the year is shaping up for you. To celebrate your wins, observe any blocks, and hit the release or reframe button if need be.

According to numerology, this year equals the number one (2+0+1+7 = 10 and 10 = 1), which means a brand spanking new start energetically. While that can be an amazing feeling, it can also result in some nudges from the Universe to heal and release that which isn’t serving us. Even if it feels like a struggle, it’s actually an invitation to up-level and eventually feel better and achieve greater results.

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Boost your joy in 30 seconds or less

I want to share with you an awesome tool from Wild Light Warrior…because it’s so simple and quick, but also effective. Try it at least once! ☺  I discovered it kind of randomly.  It all started one night before bed. I felt excited and recommitted to using positive affirmations while reading a book.

The next morning, as I was starting to wake up, this voice inside of me went on a 30 second positive affirmation spree, which I now call a Shine Spree. Because I literally felt an extra burst of happiness throughout the day. Like I was shining and glowing all day, despite what circumstances popped up. There’s only one trick to it…

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Happiness is an Accomplishment

And so is finishing your meditation…

At a workshop over the weekend I heard that Yogi Bhajan quote: happiness is an accomplishment. And I found myself thinking, so is meditation! Because if you meditate, I know you’ve been there. And by there I mean being completely in the flow and feeling great in some meditations. In others, seconds feel like minutes, and you want to scream EFFFFFFF at the top of your lungs. (Or is that just me?) So how do you stay engaged in your mediation?

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My Daily Wellbeing and Spiritual Practices

People often ask me what my daily wellness and/or spiritual practices are…today I’m sharing them with you in case any of them are helpful to you and your health and wellbeing! I want to make sure you understand though that what works for me might not work for you. Play with any that interest you and then check in with your body to see how it is responding…your body is the #1 expert, not a blog!

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A Story of a Random Act of Kindness, Gratitude and Blessings

As I left yoga class, I noticed an elderly lady in her eighties with two bags and a cane exerting a great deal of effort to get from the side of the street up to the curb of the sidewalk. Heading to my car, I kept my eye on her as she stood on the sidewalk, looking around, appearing confused. She didn’t respond to my first offer of help as I walked towards her. When I asked again, I had trouble understanding her response. There was a language barrier among other things.

I gathered that she did not have a ride home after her doctor’s appointment, didn’t have anyone to call, and didn’t feel comfortable taking the bus. At least that’s what I think she said. When I again asked her how I could help her, she asked for a ride home. I helped her into my car, at which point she gave me her address. There was no one to call to let them know she was heading home, she responded when I asked. I feared there was a daughter or another family member somewhere nearby getting concerned about where she was.

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4 Ways to Journal

I often recommend having a journaling practice only to hear, “how do I do that?” In this blog I share four different types of journaling. There are many other ways, but these four I’ve found most helpful in my own journey.

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10 Ways to Experience More Happiness

1. Find the positive

Even if things aren’t going your way, or you find yourself in a crappy situation, find the glimmer of light. It shifts your energy to invite in more of the positive instead of more of the negative. There’s a difference between processing your hurt feelings/negative emotions while remaining hopeful and only focusing on the negative.

2. Spend time with people who lift you up

If you’re spending time with people who bring you down, you’re wasting your energy recovering from the negativity. Instead, spend time with people who inspire you, make you smile, make you think, make you learn. As a former co-worker of mine used to say, friends are free – choose wisely!

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Gratitude As A Habit Not A Holiday

I remember the first time I learned that 40% of our happiness is based on choices/practices. The remaining is hereditary (50%) and conditions (10%). I had a ‘duh’ and ‘ah-ha’ moment all at once. It makes perfect sense that choice is a driver of happiness. It felt shocking to realize that the conditions in our lives, the ones we spend so much energy mentally obsessing about and losing sleep over, for example, more money, perfect weight, better health, only drive 10% of our happiness.

One choice that we can make in our lives to create exponentially greater happiness is gratitude. Coming off of a holiday that celebrates gratitude, it seems a fitting time to establish a new gratitude practice. Most of you have probably seen the research around gratitude. Studies have shown that benefits of a gratitude practice include physical results (increased energy, lower blood pressure and improved immune systems) and psychological results (reductions in anxiety, depression and addiction). It has also been shown to enhance happiness, love and enthusiasm (Journal of Clinical Psychology).

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