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Technique to Release Negativity

I’ve received a bunch of messages lately – from clients to friends to peers – inquiring about what they can do to release negativity they have been experiencing.

They’ve been triggered by one of the many (unbelievable) things going on in our world. As a result, they’re having trouble shaking the thoughts and feelings they’re having … anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.

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Be a Magnetic Force For Receiving

You believe in spiritual concepts like mindfulness, manifesting, law of attraction and such. But when it comes to getting results, your get-shit-done muscle usually hijacks the situation.

In theory you trust that the universe has your back. In application, you rely on yourself to get the results you’re seeking. 

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Manifesting Successful IVF

While so much of a fertility journey is out of our hands, I firmly believe that how we interact with it can help create or block our success, as well as settle our nerves. You can energetically align with your desired pregnancy, which creates greater flow and allowing. Here are some practices that worked for me.

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Turn Your Struggle Into Greater Success

We’ve all had those moments… where we find ourselves in some kind of struggle, such as sickness, financial struggles, relationship issues, or other. And when they happen we often feel resistance on some level, whether that’s feeling like why me or feeling flat out pissed off.

But when we stay stuck in that space, we prolong our struggle. And, there’s a different way of receiving and viewing our struggle.

It’s actually an opportunity to grow, to up level, to experience greater. Continue reading…

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