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Feel calm, grounded & happy in minutes

Summer is known as the “fun” season but can also be a little stressful with all of the non-stop activities and busyness. 

I want to share something super simple that you can do to balance the yang summertime energy. (Also can use to balance the yin energy in winter.) It balances the left/right hemispheres of the brain, reduces anxiety and stress, and revitalizes the body and mind when tired. 

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My Clean Beauty Favs

Even though my eating supported my health, I was still loading my system with ingredients that are known to negatively affect hormones (weight + fertility), autoimmune health, and are linked to certain diseases. How? Through my body lotions and beauty products. Being a libra (beauty lover), it was challenging finding safer, clean cosmetics and skin care products that actually work. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice performance. 

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Oh, baby! 41 and Pregnant

Being pregnant at 41 with my first child is definitely one of the greatest miracles I’ve experienced in my life. I am so excited, happy, grateful, and I am loving every second of pregnancy now that I’m in my second trimester. It is a magical experience that’s unlike anything I’ve ever known. Feeling her first movement. Basking in the happy hormones. Being able to eat gluten ;-).

But the journey here…well, it was less than magical.

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Using Chinese Medicine for Fertility Success

About eight months into our fertility journey, my energy healer recommended making an appointment with a Chinese Medicine woman, Ling, who had a proven track record of helping women get pregnant, even those who had tried and failed many times with IVF.

Today, I believe a massive part of the reason I am pregnant with a healthy baby is because of the work I did with Ling. In this blog I’ll share with you the treatments I received from her, the lifestyle changes I made per her recommendations, and how working with her was a critical factor in our fertility success. If you are going through a fertility process, I hope you find a Ling in your area.

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IVF Pregnancy at 41

As I shared in my last blog, we decided to take our Chinese medicine doctor’s advice and schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist. By that point I had emotionally hit a wall. At first getting pregnant and losing it felt like a good sign that I could actually get pregnant. But when I didn’t get pregnant the following month I emotionally crashed. I felt like I had done all I could, and now it was time to get some help from the miracles of modern medicine

In the first part of this blog I share our journey through IVF, and in the second I share what made our experience with our fertlity doctor such a positive one.

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Using Energy Medicine for IVF Success

Since our first egg retrieval resulted in only one viable embryo, we committed to doing another one. Thankfully, the results of our second egg retrieval were stronger, and the recovery was much easier for me. All other factors being the same, there was one thing I did that contributed to the difference between the first and second egg retrievals, which I’m going to share with you in this blog. I seriously hope you consider trying!

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IVF: Choosing Faith Over Fear

The months leading up to the embryo transfer were the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt. As the date got closer I had bouts of paralyzing fear. So much was riding on this. We were using the only two embryos we had. What if it didn’t work? What if we had just wasted $50K and so much time, energy and heart?

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Manifesting Successful IVF

While so much of a fertility journey is out of our hands, I firmly believe that how we interact with it can help create or block our success, as well as settle our nerves. You can energetically align with your desired pregnancy, which creates greater flow and allowing. Here are some practices that worked for me.

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A proven trick for the busiest minds

I hear it multiple times a week. My mind is too busy to meditate! It’s so hard for me to relate because my mind is always perfectly calm. HA!!!!

Actually, the first time I went to an energy healer, she kept stopping my treatment to tell the noisy people in the common area to please be quiet! Except there was no one in the common area. Finally, she realized she was picking up on the massive noise in my head! LOL!

So, yeah, my mind is as wildly busy as yours. The difference is that I’ve learned to quiet it, because I’m in control, and my crazy, erratic thoughts aren’t.

You have a choice to make. Let the chaos control you. Or, control the chaos. Continue reading…

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