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Feel calm, grounded & happy in minutes

Summer is known as the “fun” season but can also be a little stressful with all of the non-stop activities and busyness. 

I want to share something super simple that you can do to balance the yang summertime energy. (Also can use to balance the yin energy in winter.) It balances the left/right hemispheres of the brain, reduces anxiety and stress, and revitalizes the body and mind when tired. 

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A proven trick for the busiest minds

I hear it multiple times a week. My mind is too busy to meditate! It’s so hard for me to relate because my mind is always perfectly calm. HA!!!!

Actually, the first time I went to an energy healer, she kept stopping my treatment to tell the noisy people in the common area to please be quiet! Except there was no one in the common area. Finally, she realized she was picking up on the massive noise in my head! LOL!

So, yeah, my mind is as wildly busy as yours. The difference is that I’ve learned to quiet it, because I’m in control, and my crazy, erratic thoughts aren’t.

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Heart opener playlist

Today is the first day of summer, and we only have a couple of days left in Gemini season before we move into Cancer! Gemini is an air sign, which is connected to our lungs (anxiety) and heart (joy)!

This playlist I’m sharing below has definitely brought me joy over the last week, and I wanted to share it with you too. Each of the songs are uplifting and most use mantras that are directly connected to opening the heart center. And of course, you can still use it when we move into Cancer (water element).

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The Burden of Trying to Be Balanced

Seriously ladies, balance is a self-defeating concept that continues to elude (even torture?) women around the globe. I even believe it chips away at our self-esteem and our sense of worthiness (more on that in a moment). Today I’m encouraging you to get off the balance bandwagon >>> ditch any associated guilt trips >>> and try something else instead.

Balance has become one of those concepts we use to measure how well we’re handling life.  (We may even equate balance to giving 100% to all areas of our lives?) Regardless, we don’t live in a balanced society. The nature of our lifestyles, whether you’re a stay at home mama or a boss lady (or both), pretty much guarantees a lack of balance. We’re basically set up for failure. So why do we idealize balance, and what can we do instead?  

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Happiness is an Accomplishment

And so is finishing your meditation…

At a workshop over the weekend I heard that Yogi Bhajan quote: happiness is an accomplishment. And I found myself thinking, so is meditation! Because if you meditate, I know you’ve been there. And by there I mean being completely in the flow and feeling great in some meditations. In others, seconds feel like minutes, and you want to scream EFFFFFFF at the top of your lungs. (Or is that just me?) So how do you stay engaged in your mediation?

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#1 Food That Causes Inflammation

If I asked you what is the number one food that causes inflammation, what would you say? Would you answer based on what a health expert or a spiritual teacher said? Or would you answer based on your unique body? Most people would answer based on the latest study, not their own body.

So what if I told you green juice (even the healthiest, no-sugar version) creates an inflammatory response in your body? Would you believe me? I’ll give you the answer, but a little story first…

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Release anxiety within moments

As I’ve shared in a previous blog, Anxiety, Sleeping Pills and a Free Meditation, I am no stranger to anxiety. I received a formal diagnosis in my late 20s, and a couple of years ago I experienced it again through thyroid disease (anxiety is a symptom of thyroid disease). These days the only kind of anxiety I typically experience is occasional, mild anxiety while navigating through life’s ups and downs. However, recently I felt that all-encompassing, completely gripping anxiety start to creep in. How I responded to it enabled me to completely shift out of it within minutes.

Before I share how I did that, I want to share some behavioral tendencies I’ve noticed that lead to the anxiety. Because often times when I’m aware I’m engaging in one of these, I can choose differently and prevent the anxiety all together. (Side note: I’m going to be talking more about these in upcoming blogs.)

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