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Confessions of a Bacon Eating Yogi

As my second spiritual call of the evening started, the host began guiding us through a beautiful meditation. Instead of inhaling deeply, I reached my hand down to the draw and pulled out the frying pan. A few moments before, I had a choice to make: meditate or cook bacon. I had back-to-back spiritual calls and had been on the road most of the day. I was hungry and had already meditated multiple times that day. I chose bacon.

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What To Do When Spiritual Practices Become Guilt Trips

We develop spiritual practices and rituals for a number of reasons. To feel more connected internally and with the divine. To cultivate positive feelings of gratitude, inner peace, and greater happiness. To honor the divine. And more.

Recently I’ve noticed a pattern…feeling guilty about not being routine with spiritual practices. Summertime schedules have thrown off spiritual game. Here’s what I know about this line of thinking….

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Are you feeling your anxiety or someone else’s ?  

For years I couldn’t explain it. I was labeled extrovert by every behavioral assessment I’d taken (which was a lot between grad school and my HR career). Yes, most of the time I loved being around people. Yet there was another part of me that felt introverted.

My favorite place to be was at home, alone, with my pets. Going out in crowds often felt overwhelming. I felt anxious at group meditations but didn’t feel that way meditating on my own. Walking my dog on a quiet evening at Balboa Park was relaxing and healing, but felt the exact opposite on crowded Saturday afternoons.

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Break the Cycle of Yo-Yo Spirituality With These Three Steps

For years, my spiritual practice was similar to a yo-yo dieter. When feeling down, I used my spiritual tools to feel better. When I started feeling amazing, I’d let my ego get the better of me. I don’t need those…I’m feeling great! When the good times were rolling, my spiritual practice became like an old book collecting dust on a shelf. Who needs meditation when you’re feeling so happy?

Eventually I’d re-gain some kind of emotional heaviness. A circumstance or event would happen, and I’d find myself once again feeling down. I’d dust off my spiritual tools and put them back into practice. A little rusty at first, they’d eventually kick in, leaving me to wonder how I ever abandoned them. Inevitably though, they’d work, the situation would shift, and my yo-yo spirituality would begin another cycle.

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What Really Happened In My Mind During My Morning Meditation

What is meditation really like? Am I doing it right? Two questions I frequently receive when I recommend a meditation practice to clients. Also questions I had when I first started. Below you’ll read exactly what went on in my mind during my 21-minute morning meditation. For anyone new to meditation, hopefully it provides a picture of what it’s really like. (No judging the crazy or shallow moments 😉 )

As I’ve said before, meditation is like a workout program for the mind. Just as you likely won’t be able to run six miles the first day you train, your meditation muscle will likely take some time to develop. Like working out, there are some days that are better than others.

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The Four Questions I Had When I First Started Meditating  

When I first started meditating, my inner skeptic and perfectionist flared up. Was I doing it right? Which type of meditation should I do? I don’t have time for this! How can I fit it into my schedule? Will people think I’m weird?! Then during the years of yo-yo meditating, I questioned which was the right type of meditation for me. It took a while to start a regular meditation practice that I felt good about. Yep…at points I literally felt guilt that I was doing the wrong type of meditation (still working through my Irish Catholic guilt). To help you avoid the same experience I had, below I share the four questions that blocked my commitment to regular meditating and what I’ve learned since.

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How Do I Meditate?

One of the questions clients most frequently ask me is…how do I meditate? It can be tricky to figure out, or at least it was for me. I started my meditation journey in 2007 out of sheer desperation. At the time I was intensely working out 5-6 times a week to help manage my anxiety. However, after an accident, I wasn’t able to work out for a minimum of four months.

I felt trapped. Terrified that my anxiety, constantly operating right below the surface, would get the best of me again. Willing to try anything, but limited in options, I turned to meditation. And it paid off. Being housebound for several months ended up being one of the most peaceful experiences of my life, which I primarily credit to my meditation practice.

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