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A proven trick for the busiest minds

I hear it multiple times a week. My mind is too busy to meditate! It’s so hard for me to relate because my mind is always perfectly calm. HA!!!!

Actually, the first time I went to an energy healer, she kept stopping my treatment to tell the noisy people in the common area to please be quiet! Except there was no one in the common area. Finally, she realized she was picking up on the massive noise in my head! LOL!

So, yeah, my mind is as wildly busy as yours. The difference is that I’ve learned to quiet it, because I’m in control, and my crazy, erratic thoughts aren’t.

You have a choice to make. Let the chaos control you. Or, control the chaos. Continue reading…

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You got the power. Start owning it.

When is the last time you blamed someone else instead of taking a look inside?

I vividly remember doing that when I was in the early stages of healing my thyroid/autoimmune condition. Looking at my doctor like he was the devil because I was not further along in my healing process. Fortunately, thanks to his awesome ways, he called me out and said he couldn’t do it alone…. I need to contribute to my own healing process.

Um… what??? You mean criticizing my body for being inflamed and being angry at it for being sick wasn’t helping???

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Boost your joy in 30 seconds or less

I want to share with you an awesome tool from Wild Light Warrior…because it’s so simple and quick, but also effective. Try it at least once! ☺  I discovered it kind of randomly.  It all started one night before bed. I felt excited and recommitted to using positive affirmations while reading a book.

The next morning, as I was starting to wake up, this voice inside of me went on a 30 second positive affirmation spree, which I now call a Shine Spree. Because I literally felt an extra burst of happiness throughout the day. Like I was shining and glowing all day, despite what circumstances popped up. There’s only one trick to it…

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The Burden of Trying to Be Balanced

Seriously ladies, balance is a self-defeating concept that continues to elude (even torture?) women around the globe. I even believe it chips away at our self-esteem and our sense of worthiness (more on that in a moment). Today I’m encouraging you to get off the balance bandwagon >>> ditch any associated guilt trips >>> and try something else instead.

Balance has become one of those concepts we use to measure how well we’re handling life.  (We may even equate balance to giving 100% to all areas of our lives?) Regardless, we don’t live in a balanced society. The nature of our lifestyles, whether you’re a stay at home mama or a boss lady (or both), pretty much guarantees a lack of balance. We’re basically set up for failure. So why do we idealize balance, and what can we do instead?  

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Happiness is an Accomplishment

And so is finishing your meditation…

At a workshop over the weekend I heard that Yogi Bhajan quote: happiness is an accomplishment. And I found myself thinking, so is meditation! Because if you meditate, I know you’ve been there. And by there I mean being completely in the flow and feeling great in some meditations. In others, seconds feel like minutes, and you want to scream EFFFFFFF at the top of your lungs. (Or is that just me?) So how do you stay engaged in your mediation?

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I’m a Badass Mama because…

Created this as a guest blog for

Whether you’re a working mama or a stay-at-home mama, you’ve probably questioned whether you’re a good enough mama. As if keeping it all together isn’t enough, you’re constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest unrealistic parenting standards.

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What Went Right In 2014?

Most of us have a tendency to look back at the past year and reflect upon what we could have done better, different, etc. An additional approach is asking yourself, what was positive about 2014? What went right? What did you accomplish or feel that makes you smile today?

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Four Positive Energy Lessons I Learned from My French Bulldog

Several weeks ago my boyfriend and I caught ourselves saying, we need to be more like Miles, our French bulldog. It made us laugh. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much we’d benefit if we adopted a few of his habits. Who knew Mr. Frenchie was such a positive energy guru?

1. Do Nothing

I recently heard the phrase wild idling, which means DO NOTHING. Described by the wonderful Lianne Raymond, I immediately connected with message. Doing nothing for 5-10 minutes a day. Literally do nothing – just sit or lie down.  Don’t even meditate. It might make you feel uncomfortable, frustrated, emotional or bored. Do it anyway. Resist getting back on Facebook. Shut off the TV.

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Beat the Monday Morning Blues

We’ve all been there. It’s Sunday evening, and that sad feeling starts creeping in. The weekend is coming to a close. It’s back to reality. Maybe the reality of Monday isn’t as fun as the weekend. Or maybe it’s more than that…a job you don’t like, a commute you don’t like, a boss you don’t like, work pressures, etc. And maybe…just maybe…you’ve over-indulged in some endorphin expanding substances over the weekend (sugar or alcohol for example), the crash of which is adding to your blues.

Been there. Done that. A couple of years ago I dreaded going to work in the mornings, especially Mondays. I’ve got five whole days before I get another weekend. Five more days until I feel peaceful again. (The weekends provided me with peace at that point in my life).

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When Life Hands You Lemons, Don’t Rush to Make Lemonade

Life hands you a lemon and you automatically want to make lemonade. Have you noticed yourself doing that? The old keep your chin up or stay positive programming kicks in and we move straight into it’ll be OK mode. Often our loved ones begin supporting us with that strategy…everything will be fine…look at the bright side! Instead of acknowledging and allowing ourselves to feel those lemons, we jump straight into making lemonade. Or lemon drops. Or lemon bread.

Because allowing ourselves to feel what we’re experiencing can be difficult business. Seeing a loved one experience pain is also difficult. In either situation, in our own discomfort we move into fix-it mode instead of feeling mode. But that will do more harm than good. As the saying goes…feelings buried alive stay alive.

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