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My favorite crystals

Today I’m excited to share four of my absolute all-time favorite crystals with you. As you can imagine, I have a lot of them around my house, but these are ones that stole my heart!

I will list them alphabetically as it’s really impossible to list by favorite! (Most of the descriptive parts come from “The Pocket Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons.)


I keep one on my desk, my night stand, and I even sometimes keep one in my palm while I sleep at night to help connect with the divine while I sleep and/or release stress. Thankfully neither my husband or I have rolled onto it while sleeping as they have sharp edges LOL.

Apophyllite is known to: 

  • Help aid depression, anxiety and stress related issues
  • Facilitate rediscovering trust in the divine and connecting with guides and angels
  • Provide an atmosphere of purity and spiritual presence in home, mediation and work space


I call this one my angel cave. The first night I had it, I placed it on my nightstand. My daughter was about 9 months, and I hadn’t slept more than 2-3 hours at a time since my second trimester. I was exhausted. That night I heard Shealyn crying, and without even opening my eyes I began to roll out of bed to go check on her. I heard a calm male voice, my husband, tell me, go back to sleep, I’ll go be with her. I rolled back into a comfy spot, and heard her stop crying within about 30 seconds, which I knew meant he was with her. I fell asleep grateful that he took that shift. When I woke up in the morning and thanked him, he said he didn’t know what I was talking about. He slept through the night and didn’t go into her room. I knew immediately that the voice I heard was my father-in-law, who is her guardian angel. I have no doubt that the celestite facilitated that communication.

Celestite is known for: 

  • Being the most effective stone for accessing the angelic realm and facilitating communication between self and one’s guardian angel
  • It’s an environmental cleanser and source of soft, positive energies, with its vibration radiating in all directions


When I met with my crystal dealer (LOL but true story), and saw the various stones he had laid out for me, my eyes and energy were immediately drawn to the pale pink danburite. I put one in each hand when I meditate and channel – one tip is heart shaped, the other shaped like a superman shield, which I believe helps balance my masculine/feminine energies. Of all my stones, I work with this one the most (multiple times a day). I am so enamored with it that I am giving one away to each person who enrolls in my upcoming program, the Magnetize Collective.

Danburite is known for:

  • Channeling, angelic communication, peace and freedom from stress
  • It supports recovery from stress-related illnesses (hello, Hashimoto’s!) and helps aid with sleep

Rutilated Quartz

When I made eye contact with this beauty, it was love at first sight. I left the store, doing my best to resist purchasing it, but the lump in my throat didn’t leave until it was in my hands. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at, with gold threads running through it. I bought it at a time when my mind and body were still coming back to earth after having my daughter … I felt scattered and overwhelmed. The sign at the store said it “activates the higher mind; helps maintain mental focus + clarity; infuses one’s energy field with light energy; brings a joyful vibration and helps one to feel less overwhelmed.” All of which I needed/wanted.

In addition to that, Rutilated Quartz is known to:

  • Amplify one’s power of manifestation
  • Magnify the energy of any intention or affirmation

It’s recommended to visualize the energy of your intention running along the rutile threads and broadcasting the energy into the universe as an antenna broadcasts radio waves. I love it.

Let me know if you have any crystal questions, or if you have a favorite that you think I need to know about! 🙂


Design Your Decade. Join me?

Hello, 2020! Are you also excited to think about allll that’s possible in a new DECADE?!

So many dreams to follow, goals to achieve, and good vibes to feel.

I can already feel the woman I want to be by the time I’m ringing in 2030. She’s a force.

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Turn Your Struggle Into Greater Success

We’ve all had those moments… where we find ourselves in some kind of struggle, such as sickness, financial struggles, relationship issues, or other. And when they happen we often feel resistance on some level, whether that’s feeling like why me or feeling flat out pissed off.

But when we stay stuck in that space, we prolong our struggle. And, there’s a different way of receiving and viewing our struggle.

It’s actually an opportunity to grow, to up level, to experience greater. Continue reading…

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Where’s My Damn Sign, Universe?

Years ago, as I cautiously experimented with believing there was some kind of universal energy out there guiding us, I started to rely on signs from the Universe. I kept a “coincidence” journal as if I was conducting an investigation, and I eagerly walked down the street to my Saturday morning yoga class, where I pulled a card from the angel card deck. Theory had it that by law of attraction we’d pull the card with the message we were meant to hear.

I began to live for those Saturday morning cards, as the messages were written in a supportive and loving way, which I especially needed during that time in my life. Plus, the cards were usually pretty accurate. This led me to exploring more woo woo. I started reading more about angels and in doing so began hoping I’d see a random feather or coin (known messages from angels). Before long, my days were filled with looking for signs from the universe, decoding their message to the best of my ability, and trusting their guidance.

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Adapting Self-Care Habits to Summertime Fun

Summertime…..the fun season…a time of the year spent vacationing, socializing, barbecuing, traveling, relaxing and more. While I’m thoroughly enjoying all of those, I noticed that my everyday spiritual and self-care practices go by the wayside a little more easily in summer. Especially when I’m traveling.

Earlier this month I flew across the country to spend some bonding time with my nieces and nephew. Because of the time difference, by mid-morning they have been waiting hours for me to wake up. That means my morning meditation is definitely not happening.

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Six Lessons of Strength, Love and Loss from a Six-Pound Earth Angel

Last week I went through the painful process of saying goodbye to my beloved kitty cat, Maya (also affectionately known as Blackie, Blacks, Blackster, little Blackie, Blackie girl, Fancy Foot, the Princess of Darkness). Within twenty minutes at the vets, something that had been previously diagnosed as a non-cancerous, treatable shoulder injury was escalated to either leg amputation or terminal illness. I was devastated and shocked. Out of the many possible outcomes discussed in previous visits, those weren’t on the list.

I was told to go home while they ran some additional tests. A while later I got the phone call letting me know that there were tumors all over her thoracic area. The bump on her shoulder was not an injury after all, but cancer, which quickly spread in her little body in only a month’s time. She had three weeks to live on her own, and she would have been in pain and unable to do all of her favorite activities. Like discipline my other pets 🙂 , steal and bat around my healing stones like hockey pucks, protect the house, lounge out front, playfully beg for her favorite treats, or use all four of her legs. I felt the best option was to let her transition that day and headed to the vets to be with her.

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Finding Faith Without Religion

Although I was raised Catholic, I never connected with it, despite (or possibly because of) years of Catholic schooling. While the education was great, I was ready to leave behind the religion I knew the day I graduated. Since I associated God with religion, I didn’t know how to have faith outside of religion. Plus, I had some underlying Irish Catholic guilt issues so pursuing other religions wasn’t really an option. 😉

A few years ago, when I went to my first energy healing session, I asked the healer not to use the G-word with me after she asked my level of comfort with it. She grinned and understood where I was coming from. She also suggested that would change for me someday, as it had for her. Whatever.

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How Expectations Influence Happiness

For the first time in over seven years, I went to a Kundalini yoga class. It rocked my world. The class was everything I was hoping for and more. I bought a month package and eagerly anticipated class the following day.

Attending my second class, I sat in easy pose waiting for my world to be rocked once more. My heart was already blissing out, my face was smiling, my mind was envisioning class, and my body was ready to go. However, as we started, I started getting frustrated. This class is nothing like the first class, my mind silently protested.

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The Happy High (and Other Benefits) of a Good Cry

When is the last time you had an indulgent, messy cry? For me, tears have become a part of my daily life. Work life, that is. I sometimes say that I make people cry for a living. Because during sessions, clients receive a safe space to release built up emotion through tears, and more often than not, they do. I know that healing is happening when I see their eyes begin to water.

You can imagine it’s nearly impossible to fully process every emotion within 30 to 120 seconds. According to leaders in the industry, that is the amount of the time we have to process an emotion before it sticks in our system, eventually manifesting as a physical symptom. Tears can be a helpful treatment to release anything lingering in our system.

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Spiritual Adventures in Sedona

Tired and hoping for a miracle, I drove to Sedona from San Diego. I had a sinking feeling that three days there wasn’t going to scrape the surface of what I needed. My energy had been low for months, I was sick, and I was dealing with adrenal and thyroid issues.

As I pulled into Sedona, I felt a sense of familiarity. Like I had been there before, even though I hadn’t been. I felt drawn to the beautiful red mountains (in a heart pounding kind of way), which I was unusual since I’m more of an ocean than desert girl.

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