Design Your Decade. Join me?

Hello, 2020! Are you also excited to think about allll that’s possible in a new DECADE?!

So many dreams to follow, goals to achieve, and good vibes to feel.

I can already feel the woman I want to be by the time I’m ringing in 2030. She’s a force.

When I think of her, and all she’s accomplished, been and received, I am clear that my job is to get out of her way and let her shine.

The best thing I can do for her is to unpack the inner burdens that have weighed her down in the past.

The self-doubt, the whole questioning her worth thing that I do, the overanalyzing, the overscheduling, the playing small game, the struggle to receive, and on and on.

Because I can see that the biggest thing that held me back over the last decade was ME.

Can you relate?

Before you get all judgy on yourself, remember, that’s a great thing! Because that means once we step out of our own way, we have the power to co-create ALLLLL the things we want in this decade.

Towards the end of 2019, I was working with (and still am) both a business mentor and a spiritual mentor. Between their guidance, and going a little rogue through a self-directed exercise, I BLEW THE DOORS OFF MY SHIT. And by shit, I mean those inner burdens I just described.

I literally had an ah-ha moment that I describe to my friends as being more valuable than 10 years of therapy. Seriously. (And that’s saying a lot because I am a fan of therapy.) I literally felt energy releasing from my solar plexus for hours after. Like someone was pulling all the energetic garbage right out of my system.

So, I have an invitation for you.

I want to invite you to release some of those inner burdens. Even shedding one or two will profoundly change your life, as I have experienced firsthand.

I want to share with you the exact process I brought myself through so that you can head into this decade as energetically aligned as possible with your desires for this year and beyond.

So that you too can fully step into the force that you are.

So here’s the deal…

I’m going to share it all with you.

We’ll start by getting clear on the burdens you’ve been carrying around (I bet you’ll be surprised to discover a few you didn’t realize that have been dominating your life.) Then we’ll start clearing them. From that space of heightened alignment, we will design your decade, which yes, includes some vision boarding. 🙂

This is the most powerful work I’ve ever shared with you, and because I’m still riding on the happy high of having my daughter last year, and because this crazy world we live in needs powerful women more than ever, I’m making it available to you for a crazy price, $222. (The next time this content will be shared with anyone it will have an extra 0 at the end of the price tag. Because that’s the value of it. Seriously, take advantage!)

The logistical details…

  • 3 videos, delivered live, through a private FB group page, which you can watch at your convenience or watch live
  • Access to me for questions, support and guidance through the FB group page
  • Connection with a tribe of powerful women
  • Videos delivered Friday, 1/10, Friday, 1/17, Friday, 1/24 @ 12:30 PM PT
  • Immediate access to the Va-va-voom Your Vision Board workshop, for anyone who wants to get cracking NOW
  • Access to the facebook group page sent by 1/9

Let’s do this. 2030 you is waiting. Click here to join Design Your Decade!

Email me if you have any questions, OR, if your heart is pounding with some 2020 visions that you just have to share!

About Molly

Molly Hamill, MAMolly Hamill, MA, is a certified life coach, Kundalini yogini and mediation enthusiast. She works with people around the country helping them lose their stress and feel their best. After recovering from her own health journey (Hashimoto's Hypothyroiditis, Adrenal Fatigue, and Leaky Gut), she is especially passionate about helping others establish mindsets and habits that support their health and happiness. For more information about Molly, get her weekly emails (sign up in green bar below), follow her on her Instagram and Facebook page, or chat with her in her private Facebook group, where she posts daily to help keep you connected with truth, dreams and desires. Prior to breaking free of the 9-5 life, she was an award-winning human resources executive for a national healthcare company.