Meditation to Release Fear of Future

This meditation is magic for our heart and root chakras.

Autoimmune disease is connected to the root chakra. Root chakra qualities are safety, security, and survival. When we don’t feel safe in our environment, or even when we feel attacked, our body can replicate that attack internally. Related to Hashimoto’s for example, an autoimmune disease connected to the thyroid, the body attacks the thyroid.

Our bodies absorb our experiences and hear our thoughts. For example, when we feel emotionally under attack from an overwhelming schedule, our body can replicate that sense of attack through an autoimmune condition or something else. Or, if we are constantly attacking ourselves internally, we’re perpetuating the “attack” energy. I’ve found this meditation helpful in releasing some of those patterns.

Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini yoga) says that we project our fear from the past onto our future, which this meditation clears. The majority of our subconscious patterns are developed when we are very young, the same time the root chakra is developing. If we didn’t feel safe on some level…maybe our family didn’t have enough money, for example, we may develop patterns based on that fear, which we recreate in our future…without even realizing it!

I’d highly recommend this meditation for anyone with an autoimmune condition or with a desire to release fear, as a complimentary practice to any of your existing healing strategies. Try it for 40 days and let me know how it goes! Before you start, set an intention of what you’d like to release and notice what shifts happen in your life.

Instructions as given by Yogi Bhajan

This meditation takes away your fears of the future which have been created by your subconscious memories of the past. lt will force you to deal with your heart center.


Sit comfortably in easy pose with your spine elongated.


Fear of Future MudraPlace your left hand in the palm of your right hand.
Place your right  thumb onto the palm of your left hand.
Cross your left thumb over your right thumb.
Curl the finger tips of your right hand around the side of your left hand.
Once you have that (see picture), place your hands in the mudras over your heart center, letting them rest on your chest. Your elbows rest comfortably at your side.


Close your eyes and internally focus your gaze at your third eye (the space in between and slightly above your eyebrows).


Long, slow deep breathing


This meditation can be done for up to 31 minutes. Start at 11 and work your way up!


Listen to this song as you meditate. You’ll notice the song is a little over 7 minutes but the meditation is 11+, so simply loop the song. (P.S. the discrepancy between the length of song and length of meditation is common…and kind of reminds me of the scene in Father of the Bride when Steve Martin gets huffy that the hot dogs come in a package of 8 but the buns in 12. LOL)

*In Kundalini we practice meditations and sets for 40 days as that’s the length of time believed to change a habit, according to this practice.