Meditation to Connect with Your Gut

In order to heal physically, we need to rebuild trust with our body. That is possible through visualizing health and healing and communicating with your gut, which you’ll do in this meditation! In my healing journey, I realized my body wasn’t budging until I began rebuilding my relationship with it. It needed to trust me – and to trust I wouldn’t return to my old ways -which had contributed to my health condition in the first place.

Through meditation, I started rebuilding my relationship with my gut. My intention was to:

  1. Listen to anything my body/gut had to say. During meditation, messages were given to me in the form of images, insights and most especially emotions. I realized there were a lot of trapped emotions lingering in this area of my body that were ready to be released! While it can feel uncomfortable in the moment, the relief and healing you feel after makes it so worth it.
  2. Let my gut know I am focusing on it and loving it. For years I had ignored my body and focused on everything else. Like rebuilding any relationship, I used this time to let my body know I was there for it and finally focused on it. During meditation, I’d repeat phrases like, I love you, thank you. Because my gut – just like yours – wants to give you its all and gives the best it possibly can in every moment.
  3. Visualize sending beautiful healing light to my gut. Our gut is located in our sacral and solar plexus chakras, which are associated with the colors yellow and orange. On days when I didn’t hear any “messages” from my gut, I would simply visualize a beautiful yellow and orange colors swirling in my stomach, surrounded by white light.

Some meditation practices I recommend:

  1. Do this meditation is a comfortable, relaxing and safe space.
  2. Notice how you feel before the meditation and the after the meditation. What shifted? What still needs shifting
  3. I’d recommend spending a few minutes after the meditation journaling your feelings. The few minutes after your meditation are a great time to do some extra releasing. Keep a journal close by! While the mediation is 10 minutes, I left the background music running for an extra five minutes so that you can continue your relaxing experience while journaling.
  4. Do this daily if you can!

I hope this meditation serves you as it served me in reconnecting with my body!

Best wishes to you and your gut!