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Happy to Heal is a 12-week program that helps women successfully make the necessary lifestyle changes to support thyroid, autoimmune, adrenal and leaky gut healing. For most of us, we are clear on what we have to do (cut out food, de-stress, etc.), but we struggle with HOW to do it. Happy to Heal is full of tools, techniques and support to help you successfully make the changes in your life to support your thyroid health.

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Molly Hamill

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 A little bit of my story…

Being told that you’re perfectly healthy when you know something’s wrong. Not understanding what TSH, T3, T4 and how they’re relevant to feeling like a dimmed down version of yourself. Paying hundreds of dollars a month in supplements and other tests that insurance doesn’t cover. Feeling like a stranger in your own body, mind and spirit. Having no energy and no motivation. Struggling to do the basics in life. Feeling sad. Finally receiving a diagnosis only to realize there is no magic pill. Feeling like a science experiment as you navigate a very gray, expensive and lengthy area of treatment and healing. Remaining hopeful yet feeling frustrated.

Molly HamillThese are just a few of the many side effects that I experienced while being diagnosed with and healing adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, and Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis. After coaching many others with the same health issues, I realized I was not alone.

I started out this journey thinking, “I’ll be so happy when I heal and this is behind me.” Along the way I not only became grateful for the lessons I learned during this healing process, but I walked away happier.

In the end, what started as a journey to heal my health ended up being the biggest transformational process of my life.

I embarked on the most natural path possible, and I wasn’t willing to accept band-aids as solutions. I wanted to understand the root cause of everything I experienced so that it didn’t happen again and so I could help others.

Yes, I had the help of some amazing health care professionals and supplements to aid in my healing. However, the biggest breakthroughs came when I realized how my mindset, behavioral habits and lifestyle choices had contributed to my health conditions. They were also the ticket to healing. Learning to connect with my body, thoughts and emotions in a different way created massive shifts in my health.

But no one is talking about this side of the healing journey. It’s mentioned in a paragraph or two in the best books out there. Reduce your stress. Eat healthy. Don’t drink alcohol. Mediate. Well, if it were as easy as reading two paragraphs about doing it, depression and disease wouldn’t exist! Besides, healing your adrenals, thyroid and gut can be inherently stressful!

What did I do? I created tools for myself to help with the major lifestyle changes I needed to heal. Can’t have the same food as everyone else at dinner? No biggie – I have a tool for you that I used religiously! Don’t have the energy to work? I have a tool to help you navigate the side effects. Having trouble when someone responds, “yeah, I’m tired too,” when you tell them you have adrenal fatigue? I got a tool for that. Feeling frustrated when no one understands what you’re going through? And much, much more.

I healed my life through healing my thyroid, adrenals and gut. And I’m thrilled to be able to help you do the same. Because you need all of the practical, hands-on support you can get navigating your healing journey.

I rolled all of my best support into one program, Happy to Heal: Everything Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Naturally Healing Your Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut and Thyroid. Get on the waitlist above and receive some amazing free content, plus early bird access and discounted pricing to the program!