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What clients are saying…


When I started working with Molly I felt trapped by some of the circumstances in my life. While I envisioned greater happiness for myself, I had no idea how to create it. Molly has helped me comprehensively elevate my life from how I feel about myself to how I operate my business. I’ve had life-changing breakthroughs in coaching sessions with her, which have resulted in positive transformations in my life. But even more amazing are the breakthroughs I’ve created outside of our sessions using the tools she’s shared with me. It feels so empowering! Through our work together I’ve learned to relate to my emotions and experiences in a completely different way. I’ve reconnected with my inner badass and am excited for my future. If you’re ready to clear the inner clutter holding you back from having the awesome life you want, you need Molly and her magical ways!




When I started working with Molly, I felt stuck in many areas of my life. I felt really down about myself and where I was in my life at my age. Working with Molly has given me the roadmap, steps, accountability and tools to become the best version of myself. Instead of feeling stuck, I now feel a sense of progress and accomplishment. Molly never makes you feel bad about where you are at in life. She simply wants to help you become the best version of you, and I love the way she does that through a unique blend of intuitive/healing modalities and life coaching techniques. I am truly grateful to have her as a guide and coach.




I started working with Molly when I felt uncertain about life, anxious, unhappy, and depressed. Molly taught me how to overcome my anxiety and negative thought patterns through meditations, journaling, tapping and other methods. She has reminded me of my potential and how amazing I could be. To be completely honest she has gotten me off my ass when I felt like I lost my way. I have since learned to make decisions without fear, regret or anxiety, and I am in a much better place now. Molly is amazing, and I recommend her to all of my family and friends. From the moment I met Molly, I felt like I had known her for years. I felt 100% comfortable talking to her about my deepest (and darkest) concerns. Molly is compassionate, selfless and brutally honest which, let's face it, we all need from time to time! She brings you back to WHO YOU ARE - the amazing spirit that lies within you but somehow gets lost. She is your support system, your #1 fan throughout your entire journey and wants nothing more than to see you succeed.


After my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, I knew that I needed a major life overhaul. My relationship with my spirit, my body, my mind, food, work, people. All. Of. It. I had ignored myself, the whispers in my heart and aches in my body to the point that my body was shutting down. Fast-forward almost a year and while a ton has changed, one constant has been the guidance that I have received while working with Molly. In addition to no MS relapses, the shifts internally have been life saving. I have the tools to put my ego in its place. I understand my fears but don’t allow them to hold me back, I love myself and prove it by honoring my needs and boundaries, and above everything else, I have learned to accept all that is me and forgive myself on a daily basis for the mistakes I make. These internal shifts have created ripples in all my relationships. My marriage is stronger and my career has completely been overhauled. In the very first email I received from Molly there is a line that reads, “your pain becomes your lesson, which becomes your teaching.” I am deeply grateful for Molly’s patience, wisdom and commitment to me.

Lisa, Boston, MA

My work with Molly has been one of release and self-knowledge. I’ve been carrying a lot of emotional baggage that I didn’t even know I had. I have tried going to the gym, reading books, watching videos, even counseling to help me find a way to ‘better’ myself.  Then it was time to try something that was ‘outside the box’ and a friend recommended Molly. WOW! I feel so much“lighter and brighter.” Molly helped me connect to my inner self – I now ‘listen’ more to what I’m feeling or to what my body is trying to tell me – and to the universe. Her work is very significant and powerful – and as a result have experienced improvements in my self-confidence, patience, and ability to stay positive. My connection to my spiritual guides and my spiritual development has also greatly improved. I earnestly recommend Molly’s work to anyone who is serious about connecting and developing their spiritual life and are open to finally changing their lives. Thank you, Molly!

Lulu, Washington, D.C.

I first sought help from Molly for my anxiety and preoccupation with a family member who suffered from mental illness and addiction. I had attended therapy, read all the books, gone to support groups. I knew intellectually that my behavior wasn’t helping either of us, but I just couldn’t change. In April, I had 3 sessions with Molly and besides being amazed how calm I was feeling, I found myself exercising regularly and making good choices for myself. In June, I signed up for her intensive program, and I can honestly say it has been miraculous. Besides being a powerful healer, Molly is so compassionate and wise it is easy to bare your soul to her.

Joan, Boston, MA

After my first call with Molly, I felt peaceful and had a sound sleep — the first in a long time. After our second session, the feeling of being stuck lifted. After our third session, I felt completely at ease and introspective. I highly recommend consulting with Molly for any twists and turns in life — she’s an extremely talented, intuitive, open and honest life coach. I will definitely work with her again.

Shannon, Boston, MA

Due to my stressful and demanding job, I was having difficulty sleeping and eating. I was feeling anxious, low energy, angry and depressed. After working with Molly I felt like my old self again. Even though my work situation didn’t change, I did. I felt an inner peace, which enabled me to take back control of my life. I made a job change and haven’t been this happy in years. I recommend Molly to anyone who would like to change their life.

Debbie, San Diego, CA