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You got the power. Start owning it.

When is the last time you blamed someone else instead of taking a look inside?

I vividly remember doing that when I was in the early stages of healing my thyroid/autoimmune condition. Looking at my doctor like he was the devil because I was not further along in my healing process. Fortunately, thanks to his awesome ways, he called me out and said he couldn’t do it alone…. I need to contribute to my own healing process.

Um… what??? You mean criticizing my body for being inflamed and being angry at it for being sick wasn’t helping???

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Are you guilty of this too?

I am an animal protein-eating yogi who believes in eating for your body’s needs over your spiritual beliefs. For me those two things are different. For some they are the same. Well, my meat-eating ways created a bit of a scandal recently.

It was my turn to bring food for a monthly yoga luncheon. I prepared a vegetarian meal, per the program guidelines. Normally during our gatherings I eat by myself so I don’t offend anyone with my animal protein. On this particular day I decided that since it was my turn to make the food, I’d stay with the group and honor my needs.

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