The Five Pounds That Dominated My Life

Finally! I found a solution, I remember thinking as I read about visualizations for weight loss. In the months leading up, I had gained weight in new areas of my body that wouldn’t go away, no matter what I tried. Normally if I gained a few pounds I could drop them pretty quickly. While I was aware that other things were off in my body, my focus remained on my weight. It seemed more important than the other symptoms… feeling no energy until late at night, brittle nails, changes in my hair, constant stomach bloating, struggling to run two miles.

I was frustrated with my body and pleading with it. Get on board!!! Let’s lose some weight and then we’ll work through the other stuff. I continued ignoring the distress signals my body was giving and remained consumed with the weight loss part. Even when I finally had labels – multiple gut issues, hypothyroidism, and adrenal exhaustion – I remained fixated on weight loss. Instead of focusing on the health issues, I downloaded the visualization for weight loss and put on my earphones.

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