What Went Right In 2014?

Most of us have a tendency to look back at the past year and reflect upon what we could have done better, different, etc. An additional approach is asking yourself, what was positive about 2014? What went right? What did you accomplish or feel that makes you smile today?

Recently, I guided participants at a workshop through that process. As they wrote down their victories and happy memories, smiles began appearing on their faces. It turns out, despite the setbacks and disappointments, there was a lot to be grateful for. By reflecting and writing, they were engaging in a gratitude practice. In doing so, they were aligning their energy to receive more positive in their lives.

Next they identified what skill, strength, characteristic or way of being helped them accomplish or feel each of the items on the list. Answering that question is acknowledging something nice about you, which isn’t easy for many. But they did it, and despite some moments of discomfort, it did bring some more smiles eventually.

You can also identify what skill, strength, characteristic or way of being helped you through some of your tough times as you reflect on what didn’t go as well in 2014. It allows you to look at a difficult situation from a different viewpoint and might even lessen any negative feelings around it.

Now it’s your turn….write out all of the things you are grateful for that happened in 2014. Then, identify what skills, strengths, characteristics or way of being contributed to your highlights.  What do you feel grateful for? How does it shift your energy? What patterns emerge?

About Molly

Molly Hamill, MAMolly Hamill, MA, is a certified life coach, Kundalini yogini and mediation enthusiast. She works with people around the country helping them lose their stress and feel their best. After recovering from her own health journey (Hashimoto's Hypothyroiditis, Adrenal Fatigue, and Leaky Gut), she is especially passionate about helping others establish mindsets and habits that support their health and happiness. For more information about Molly, get her weekly emails (sign up in green bar below), follow her on her Instagram and Facebook page, or chat with her in her private Facebook group, where she posts daily to help keep you connected with truth, dreams and desires. Prior to breaking free of the 9-5 life, she was an award-winning human resources executive for a national healthcare company.