Wild Light Warrior

WLW Do you struggle with feeling not good enough?

WLW Does it hold you back from feeling happy and confident?

WLW Does it hold you back getting bigger results?

WLW Does it create a sense of struggle and steal joy?

WLW Are you ready to ditch your doubt and fears and elevate your life?

WLW Are you ready to feel more confident, greater joy, and worthy AF?

Then you’re meant to be here.

It’s time for you to shine like the bright light that you are.

Because guess what? Many outwardly successful, bright, beautiful women don’t feel good enough. It’s actually what drives many of us to be overachievers, perfectionists and more. But living life that way is exhausting and unfulfilling.

Molly Hamill Trust me. I know EXACTLY what that feels like. I got in a destructive cycle of proving my worth through my work. When I achieved, I felt on top of the world. Except, the road to it was full of pressure and force, the high was short lived (like seconds), and it left me feeling exhausted and depleted.

Eventually this self-sabotaging cycle cost me my health: Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism (an autoimmune condition), adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. To heal my body, I had to learn how to feel good enough just because… no carrot attached.

I started to see myself in others. While their circumstances and stories were different, I noticed the same pattern of unworthiness in my private coaching clients. Their doubts and fears not only held them back from feeling good about themselves and enjoying their lives, but also held them back from experiencing greater success in life. This of course, is almost always followed by self-sabotaging coping mechanisms, like emotional eating, spending, drinking, self-criticism and more.

The good news? There 100% is a better way.

That’s exactly what I’m so excited to teach you in Wild Light Warrior. Because it is possible to…

WLW Believe – in the depths of your core – that you are worthy AF. Just as you are.

WLW Experience life with more joy and less struggle, doubt and fear.

WLW Own your worth in a way that generates even bigger successes that feel easy and joyful.

WLW Feeling massively empowered knowing that when an old self-worth pattern rears its ugly head, you have some badass tools to ditch them fast.

Because… self-doubt and questioning our worth will continue to show up in our lives… especially when we’re stretching ourselves and elevating our lives. We can’t avoid it, but we can learn to respond differently. To react in a way that connects us more deeply with the amazing woman within, instead of questioning and attacking her. In a way that elevates and inspires us instead of derailing and delaying us. In order to do that, we need a warrior mindset and some badass tools…

Because when we feel worthy, we show up bigger and brighter in our lives, and we help others do the same. 

I created Wild Light Warrior to give you all of the tools and techniques you need to finally feel good enough. Actually, more than good enough. Freaking amazing. Ready to shine? Here are the details…

welcome WLW

Wild Light Warrior is a six-week program for women who are done questioning their worthiness and are ready to shine their wild light. During our time together, we’ll cover:

Week 1
Master the Worthy Girl Mindset

Module One. During this module you’ll learn my customized process for releasing fear-based thoughts and doubts as well as establish proven practices that will enable you to build some big worthiness muscles! Additionally, you’ll identify the key triggers that send you down the self-doubt path. Knowledge is power!

Week 2
Unfuck Yourself

Module Two. During this module, we’ll do some massive releasing and forgiving. Letting go of the stories and the memories that keep you caged in unworthiness. You’ll break free from that which is not serving you.

Week 3

Wild Light Lab

Group Call. Spend the week integrating the first two weeks of material, plus attend a live group call to support you with any questions you may have, blocks you might need help releasing, or victories that need celebrating!

Week 4

Ignite Your Inner Wild Light Warrior

Module Three. During this module you’ll do an inventory to assess what areas of your life are most affected by your worthiness limits and get into massive action to begin elevating those areas of your life. Career? Relationships? Body? Babies? Other? You’ll identify any habits that are holding you back and replace them with habits that are authentically aligned with your truth and desires.

Week 5

Shine Your Wild Light

Module Four. During this module you’ll breakthrough your existing worthiness set point, elevating your mind, body and spirit to give and receive in miraculous ways. You will embody a massively elevated sense of worthiness and create in ways that light you up (instead of depleting you like before!) 

Week 6

Wrap Up and Celebrate

Group Call. We’ll get you set up for success after this program (yes, you totally got this!), create a clear vision of what you want in life using the tools you learned in the program, plus create a plan of action to help you build upon the successes and breakthroughs you created in Wild Light Warrior. And, of course, we’ll celebrate your success!

the details

The following is included in Wild Light Warrior…

WLW Four modules available in the online portal, which you will have access to for life!

WLW Two live group calls to support your breakthroughs and learning.

WLW Life-shifting meditations and tapping audios focused on releasing fear, trusting, owning your worth, and going bigger.

WLW Daily accountability, inspiration and troubleshooting on live calls and in the private Facebook group page.

WLW Weekly interaction with other likeminded women (aka Wild Light Warriors). The energy we create as a group is 1000x more powerful than what we can create individually.


I started working with Molly when I felt uncertain about life, anxious, unhappy, and depressed. Molly taught me how to overcome my anxiety and negative thought patterns through meditations, journaling, tapping and other methods. She has reminded me of my potential and how amazing I could be. To be completely honest she has gotten me off my ass when I felt like I lost my way. I have since learned to make decisions without fear, regret or anxiety, and I am in a much better place now. Molly is amazing, and I recommend her to all of my family and friends. From the moment I met Molly, I felt like I had known her for years. I felt 100% comfortable talking to her about my deepest (and darkest) concerns. Molly is compassionate, selfless and brutally honest which, let's face it, we all need from time to time! She brings you back to WHO YOU ARE - the amazing spirit that lies within you but somehow gets lost. She is your support system, your #1 fan throughout your entire journey and wants nothing more than to see you succeed.



When I started working with Molly I felt trapped by some of the circumstances in my life. While I envisioned greater happiness for myself, I had no idea how to create it. Molly has helped me comprehensively elevate my life from how I feel about myself to how I operate my business. I’ve had life-changing breakthroughs in coaching sessions with her, which have resulted in positive transformations in my life. But even more amazing are the breakthroughs I’ve created outside of our sessions using the tools she’s shared with me. It feels so empowering! Through our work together I’ve learned to relate to my emotions and experiences in a completely different way. I’ve reconnected with my inner badass and am excited for my future. If you’re ready to clear the inner clutter holding you back from having the awesome life you want, you need Molly and her magical ways!



When I started working with Molly, I felt stuck in many areas of my life. I felt really down about myself and where I was in my life at my age. Working with Molly has given me the roadmap, steps, accountability and tools to become the best version of myself. Instead of feeling stuck, I now feel a sense of progress and accomplishment. Molly never makes you feel bad about where you are at in life. She simply wants to help you become the best version of you, and I love the way she does that through a unique blend of intuitive/healing modalities and life coaching techniques. I am truly grateful to have her as a guide and coach.



Does Wild Light Warrior include 1×1 coaching?

This program  does not include 1×1 coaching sessions. When I work 1×1 with someone it is a larger investment. This group program creates an affordable way for many to receive access to my best tools and practices, as well as to me. You will find that collective energy created by the group dynamic will not only aid in your growth but will also help you feel like you’re not alone in your journey!

What dates/times are the calls? 
To be determined. All calls and modules will be recorded and available on the portal.

How long will I have to complete each module? 
While the content is specifically designed to be manageable in a six week period, the content will be available to you for life.

What kind of weekly time commitment is required?
That’s your call! My recommendation is a minimum of 2 hours per week (1 hour reflecting and doing homework; 1 hour on the module/call) and 20 minutes daily of mediation/reflection. A lot of the “work” is done as you experience life! Meaning, as doubt or fear creeps up in your decision making, you employ the tools you’ll learn in this program to shift your experience and outcome. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The time investment is nothing compared to the hours you’ve spent stressing and struggling with doubt and fear. =)

Who is the ideal candidate for Wild Light Warrior?

Women (sorry gents) who know there is a better way to live. Who are tired of pushing, forcing and self-doubting and are ready to experience big results in life while enjoying the process!!! It is for women who are ready to experience their wild light (inner radiance) on a regular basis.

What is a Wild Light Warrior?

A Wild Light Warrior is a force but does not use force. She slays doubts not dragons. She is victorious over her limiting beliefs.  She strengthens the muscles of her mind. She destroys unhealthy habits and builds new ones. She busts through the walls of her heart. She leads her tribe through presence and grace. She is protected by an army of angels. She knows radiance is her birthright and surrendering is her superpower. She believes that she is worthy of receiving whatever her heart desires.

Hi I'm Molly

Molly Hamill

I help women release the beliefs, behaviors and fears that are blocking them from acknowledging the amazing woman within and sharing her with the world.

I am so excited to be your guide on this journey. Helping women own their awesome (as I call it) and up-level their lives is my mission and passion. And, I’m the perfect teacher for it because I know how painful the “unworthies” can be. I also know it’s possible to overcome them. I’m living proof.

I am so committed to helping as many women as possible overcome their doubts and fears, boost their confidence and live with greater joy and ease. Because there is an easier, more rewarding, amazing way to live. A way in which you honor yourself despite your level of energy or how you look at that very moment. A way in which you feel joy in your heart despite how busy your schedule might be that day. A way in which you continue to believe confidently in yourself despite having a moment of doubt or an unwanted result.

The best part? The easier it feels internally, the easier it comes externally. When we are enjoying life and loving what we’re up to, we’re speaking the Universe’s language, and things tend to flow much easier and faster to us.

Ready to shine your wild light? 

The next program will be starting Tuesday, October 3rd!

There are two payment options available to you below. The first is a full payment and the second is a monthly payment that will automatically be charged to your card each month. Select which option you’d prefer. As soon as you register below, you will receive an email to confirm your enrollment.

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