Become a Magnetic Force for Receiving

Does this sound familiar?

You believe in spiritual concepts like mindfulness, manifesting, law of attraction and such. But when it comes to getting results, your get-shit-done muscle usually hijacks the situation. You take full control, breaking all those universal laws. Your intuition and your partner, the universe, get run over by your inner achiever.

You know that you’re blocking yourself from experiencing even greater results and joy, but you can’t seem to integrate those spiritual beliefs into your behavior. On top of that, your current approach can be mentally depleting and physically exhausting. (Not to mention how hard you can be on yourself.)

You’re tired of the cycle of struggle you find yourself in, and you don’t know if you have the time or energy for those dreams of yours. Doubt might even creep in (am I really good enough?).


So let me ask … are you ready to finally break out of that cycle? To…

achieve more in a way that feels much easier?

create a lifestyle that cultivates effortless receiving?

experience alignment between what you believe and what you receive?

feel a greater sense of ease in your being and in your life?


Below is a video that will help you with exactly that! 

It’s called Create a Life for Effortless Receiving, and it was part of a workshop I hosted, Be a Magnetic Force for Receiving. Take a peak and let me know what you think! 



And in case we haven’t met yet….

Hi, I’m Molly, a recovering professional struggler who is committed to receiving with ease.

And I want to help you do the same.

Over the last decade I had several “teachers” that helped me get to where I am today. Thyroid disease was a mirror reflecting the sabotaging behaviors and self-critical mindsets I had mastered. Infertility taught me to lean deep into trusting the universe and to receive with grace and ease.

And giving birth to my daughter birthed a new way of life … operating from my old masculine patterns weren’t even an option. Life and/or my body clapped back so hard and fast any time I attempted to dip my toes into the pond of old behaviors (controlling, doubting, criticizing, forcing or working harder).

I had no choice but to live life differently, in a way I always visualized but never quite prioritized.

So, I spent a lot of time deconstructing what it actually meant to live life with my intuition, faith and trust in the driver’s seat with my inner achiever playing a supporting role.

I worked with spiritual teachers, business coaches, successful mom business owners, and opened myself to receiving guidance from the universe.

I started experimenting with what spoke to me and observing results. Yes, there were results! Powerful ones. I started feeling on a day-to-day basis more like the woman I had experienced in visualizations for years. (You know, the more carefree, joyful, evolved version, effortlessly giving and receiving). 😉

Now I feel ready to share with you all the magic I discovered to help you elevate to your next level of receiving … with greater ease and less struggle.